Why did truman drop the atomic bomb essay

One of the key issues to come out of the end of the Second World War is why did President Truman decide to use the atomic bombs. There has been continuing debate over its use and the implications of its use.

Why did truman drop the atomic bomb essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. So was dropping the bombs the wrong decision, or was it the only way for Truman to end the war without many more casualties on the American side? After the testing of the bomb in Alamogordo New Mexico, when it was clear just how powerful and terrifying the destructive force it held was, there were many more decisions to be made by Truman and his advisors.

The most important on was of course where to drop the bomb.

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On Tokyo, on an untouched city, on an uninhabited island or on a military base, there were many options but which one had the most advantages militarily and also politically? Only a few scientists involved in the Manhattan project wanted to drop the atomic bomb on a lonely island with observers from Japan to intimidate them.

The main reason President Truman stated was to end the war quickly and to save American lives; he saw the land invasion planned for November 1st as inevitable if they did not drop the bomb. Avenging the many deaths from Pearl Harbour would make the people look up to Truman more for they did not trust him very much at the beginning of his presidency.

Another non-military reason, however just as important and influencing, was the USSR. They wanted to end the war before the Russians could, as promised, enter the war three months after the victory over Nazi Germany; also they wanted to impose them so that they could deal with them more easily concerning Eastern Europe and Asia.

As always there are also many negative aspects to important decisions such as whether or not to drop an atomic bomb. Even after the test in Alamogordo all the aftereffects of the radiation were not clear yet. Dropping the bomb on so many civilians without even knowing all the effects was wrong in my opinion.

Another option he had was to continue the conventional firebombing which also caused a lot of destruction, already about deaths and had no unknown aftereffects like radiation.

This option however, even if done together with the sea blockade, would have taken much longer and the Japanese might have fought until the bitter end.

Why did truman drop the atomic bomb essay

President Roosevelt had already planned to use the bomb and Truman went along with the plan. Also I think that the second bomb should not have been dropped only three days after the first only because the Russians entered the war.

The Japanese should have been given more time to surrender because Emperor Hirohito had already given his people permission to do so. Even though the Americans did not know of this permission they should have tried to find out if the Japanese were ready to surrender or if they were still willing to fight until the end.

I conclude that I mostly agree with why Truman decided to drop the bomb and that he had many good reasons to do so, but I cannot know what someone else would have chosen to do.

What would the outcome of the war and the aftermath would have been if Truman had decided differently? To drop the bomb was a good decision for America but we will never know if it was the best.

The Cold War Begins,chapter 7 3.The Atomic Bomb The Atomic Bomb Everest College U.S. Constitution and Nevada History 03/05/12 The Atomic Bomb On December 18, , President Truman approved the establishment of a continental test site recognizing the need for a secure, readily accessible, and less costly proving ground than the south pacific.

There are other supposed reasons why the Americans dropped the bomb such as in source C Harry Truman in his diary is saying that he wanted to use the bomb on military objectives such as a munitions factory or perhaps Hiroshima if they felt that it was anything to do with the military.

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Drop the nuclear bomb 80, Japanese people, mostly civilians, were killed instantly and up to , more died of causes linked to the bomb over the following decades. Have a nuclear demonstration. Nov 09,  · One of the key issues to come out of the end of the Second World War is why did President Truman decide to use the atomic bombs.

There has been continuing debate over its use and the implications of its use.

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This is just some of my thoughts on . Like many revisionist historians this essay will oppose the thesis of Alperovitz, and in doing so, attempt to understand why it was that the Truman administration decided to drop the atomic weapons on Japan in the summer of The decision to drop the atomic bomb was left to one person, President Harry S.

Truman. Since the decision to use the atomic bomb and following the unprecedented destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many questions regarding the decision have been asked, including if President Truman had made the correct decision by unleashing the bomb and.

Harry S Truman’s Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb (U.S. National Park Service)