White collar crime the effects and

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White collar crime the effects and

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Etymology[ edit ] The term refers to the white dress shirts of male office workers common through most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in Western countries, as opposed to the blue overalls worn by many manual laborers.

The term "white collar" is credited to Upton Sinclairan American writer, in relation to contemporary clericaladministrative, and management workers during the s, [2] though references to white-collar work appear as early as Demographics[ edit ] Formerly a minority in the agrarian and early industrial societies, white-collar workers have become a majority in industrialized countries due to modernization and outsourcing of manufacturing jobs.

Employees in office environments may wear a variety of colors, may dress business casual or wear casual clothes altogether. In addition work tasks have blurred. An example would be a restaurant manager who may wear more formal clothing yet still assist with cooking food or taking customers' orders or a construction worker who also performs desk work.


Office work Health effects[ edit ] Less physical activity among white-collar workers has been thought to be a key factor in increased life-style related health conditions such as fatigueobesitydiabeteshypertensioncancerand heart disease.Mar 13,  · In recent years, while violent crime has plummeted nationwide, white-collar crime, against individuals and small businesses, has skyrocketed, fueled by .

White Collar is a crime/mystery television series that premiered on October 23, , on the USA nationwidesecretarial.com series stars Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey, a former conman, forger and thief, and Tim DeKay as FBI Special Agent Peter nationwidesecretarial.com pair form an unlikely partnership as they work together to apprehend white collar criminals.

The series also stars Willie Garson as Mozzie, an old friend of. Theories of Crime and Delinquency (chapters ) Two Major Types of Theories of Crime • Kinds of people theories – “What makes a person turn to crime" or "why did Billy kill his mother" – Involves motives, situational factors, subjective feelings, etc.

White collar crime the effects and

• Kinds of environment theories – “Why is crime higher in the inner cities?". Numerous factors make white-collar crime statistics hard to come by. As we discussed earlier, no consensus exists on a definition, and people disagree on what counts as a white-collar crime.

Even if there were a consensus, however, accurate statistics are difficult to gather because the crime goes unreported and unpunished so often. July 18, Click for PDF. The UK has faced a period of extreme political flux and public policy uncertainty in the last year.

While most of the political focus in has been on Brexit and the recent general election, the criminal enforcement authorities and courts have remained busy and there have been significant and far-reaching developments in the UK white collar crime space in the.

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Discouraging the choice of crime. The purpose of punishment is to discourage a person from committing a crime. Punishment is supposed to make criminal behavior less attractive and more risky.

The Devastating Effects of White Collar Crime