Transitional words in writing activities

One person is "it" and says statue. All of the other kids freeze and try to look the most like a statue. The person who is "it" selects the one who looks most like a statue to start a new round.

Transitional words in writing activities

Putting it in writing is more realistic--and makes it real! Doing so will save you a lot of time, frustration and wondering why, for example, you only have 10 minutes to play outside most days!

Think about how much time your transitions take and then adjust your preschool schedule to reflect them. Need help planning your daily schedule? Click here to read my article on how to plan your preschool schedule.

It includes downloadable worksheets to help you plan a realistic schedule that will actually work for you! Once you know when your have transitions each day, add them to your lesson planning sheets so you can plan activities for them where possible.

Some do not need to be planned for. Clean up, for example, requires nothing more than perhaps a 5 minute warning that clean up time is coming, an announcement that it is clean up time and perhaps a classroom clean up song!

However, washing hands before snack may require some planning!

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What do children do while they are waiting for an open sink to wash their hands? What do children do after they have washed their hands and are waiting for their friends to wash their hands?

Hand washing can take between minutes of your day. Plan for that time!

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Pull one out and sing! Hand washing lends for idle time while the children wait there are only so many sinks available! We have a large mat near the bathroom. We all go to the black mat and play a transitional game while children wash their hands.

While your children are washing their hands, here is a song to sing with them! There are many transitional activities you can do during these predictable transition times!

transitional words in writing activities

Here are some to get you started! On Our Way Outside! Thank you Sharon N. This could be sung to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell: You could change the word outside to whichever "destination" you are heading to!

transitional words in writing activities

Bring 5 or 6 items with you. Show them to the children. They all close their eyes or you cover the items with a paper towel! Do this with 2 items, and then send a set amount of children to wash their hands. Continue playing the game until all the children have washed hands and had a turn.

I Spy with my little eye, someone wearing a shirt that has Mario on it. Place the card in a Ziploc baggie.Hundreds of fun educational games and activities for kids to play online. Topics include math, geography, animals, and more.

Transitional words or phrases sometimes will be precisely what you Adapted from UW Expository Writing Program and Edmonds Community College Writing Center handouts COMMON TRANSITIONAL WORDS & PHRASES To Indicate TIME ORDER earlier former formerly heretofore in retrospect.

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Transition words help a reader transition smoothly between sentences or ideas. Examples of transition words include: similarly, therefore, however, although, first, finally, meanwhile. Here you'll find a collection of PDF worksheets for teaching students to write sentences with transition words.


Transition words tie two thoughts together and add fluency to writing. Words such as “although,” “however,” and “for example,” play an important role to help move smoothly from one paragraph to another.

them in their own writing. Tie Your Ideas Together with Transition Words BannerActivities This comprehensive poster allows you to display five of the most common uses for transition words and to give examples of such words. The activity guide offers several.

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