My first paper

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My first paper

By Shane Snow 5 minute Read From toI used to walk around everywhere with a little spiral notebook in my back pocket and a pencil sticking out of my hair.

This was how I managed my schedule, to-do list, and as a college student the doodles I made of my professors. So this year, I decided to switch back to a paper planner.

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When the planner I ordered came, I tore it open, ready to ditch my distracting apps and tap My first paper a new zen of analog time-management. These are the kinds of things that apps get you used to not thinking about. So, anxious to get started anyhow, I ordered a new planner and made do with the the loose-leaf in the meantime: Shane Snow] The FranklinCovey rep, excited that a reporter would take on such a journey of transformation, sent me instructions for how to use my new planner optimally, along with the following diagram from the late Dr.

Digital to-do list apps give you seemingly unlimited space to make unlimited lists, but paper constrains the number of tasks you can plan on in one go. So the blank box at the beginning of the day forced me to think through the most important things first. List out your things you want to do.

My first paper

Assign a letter—A, B, or C—to each: Assign a number to each: So I decided on a hybrid approach, supplementing the FranklinCovey planner with a little bit of digital infrastructure on the side: This way I could still use the paper for, well, planning.

I started out making my ABC list every day. But when the new, correct planner finally arrived in the mail, I accidentally discovered an even better process.

My first research paper

It turned out to be a weekly planner again, by mistakewhich means you see the whole week at once, rather than one day at a time. This actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it forced me to think about my priorities a whole week in advance rather than just day by daywhich made me schedule out those work blocks a little more intentionally.

My first paper

And then I could schedule my calls and meetings—especially the urgent but not important ones—around those. For the rest of the month, this is exactly what I did, and it worked great. The only variable that broke the scientific method of this experiment is the fact that I moved from New York City down to Mexico at the end of week two.

But even so, my paper-planner arrangement survived the dislocation. Get his biweekly Snow Report on science, humanity, and business here.First i felt like the master of the world, then I felt scary because I said to my self: What will happen if this is the only paper you are able to publish in your entire career?

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From to , I used to walk around everywhere with a little spiral notebook in my back pocket and a pencil sticking out of my hair. This was how I managed my schedule, to-do list, and (as a.

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