How to write a college course description

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How to write a college course description

How to Find a Course Reference Number Include details about when the course is offered if it is not a regularly scheduled course, i. If there are enrollment limits to the course, include that information, such as "Class limited to 10 students.

Confirm the prerequisite course numbers before listing in the catalog.

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Detail any equipment or supplies that are necessary for the course, such as specific computers, calculators or art supplies. If there is an additional fee for supplies or labs, include that information in the description. Include information about special projects or experiences outside of the classroom if they are unusual or time-consuming.

For example, if the course requires several hours of laboratory or observation time each week, include that information in the course description to allow students to plan their time.

Avoid words that are vague or that repeat the title of the course. If the course title is "Introduction to Sociology," there is no need to describe the course as "An introduction to the major sociological theories of the 20th century.

List any requirements that taking this course will fulfill, if appropriate. Let students know if the course can be used to fulfill general education requirements or major requirements in another program.

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how to write a college course description

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