Discover the diamond within you

Discover the Diamond in You B. Summary of Each chapter:

Discover the diamond within you

If a diamond were to be the metaphor for us, then there are four things which make up a diamond The first being the diamonds carats. You wouldve always heard questions like, How many carat diamond is that?

Thats the most important quality of a diamond. In human beings, carats are about the depth that we have; and it is represented by two Ps: Passion and Positive Energy!

These are the two most important aspects that differentiate us from being a diamond with a high carat value! All successful achievers always have these two most important characteristics within themselves.

They are extremely passionate about what they do Passion for the poor is what made Mother Teresa go on and on despite being from a foreign country and being stuck in a dirty city with abject poverty all around.

Such people are also always full of positive energy. They never see negativity in anything! You talk to them about anything and they have a positive attitude.

Friends of Sabeer Bhatia say that even when he was nothing, he would always dream big. Thats the attitude which led him to create Hotmail! Thus, a human beings carat value is determined by his outlook in life, which is in turn dependent on his passion and positive energy!

The second great quality of a good diamond is its colour.

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And in successful human beings, colours are synonymous with two more Ps: Personality and People Skills! Thats what makes for the next most important quality of a diamond! If you want to bring out the diamond within you, you must inculcate a super personality and have high quality people skills.

Successful people have great personalities; they nurture it, they groom it and they practice it! Personalities arent developed overnight! Personalities are developed with a lot of clearly directed efforts.

And here, the LAW of personality is about looks, actions and words The way you look not physically, but the way you carry yourself the way you act or behave in front of others and the words you choose, make a personality. Prannoy Roy is an ideal example of a personality!

The moment you look at him, there is respect; the way he behaves and uses his hand movements to explain things makes him interesting; and of course, when he speaks, the words leave you awestruck. And thats why even after years he is still such a favourite of the masses despite so much competition on television today.

The other aspect that determines the colour of a human diamond is people skills. People who believe that they can go it alone or those who dont respect the need to work with people for a common goal, can never be successful!

Its because Narayana Murthy believed in having good people around him and nurtured them, that today not only has he been able to retire peacefully, but even his deputy Nandan Nilekani has been able to hang up his boots leaving the organisation to Kris Gopalakrishnan. Infosys is the most beautiful example of how great people make great organisations and how no one needs to be indispensable in a great organisation.

The third quality of a good diamond is how well has it been cut! In human beings, the cut is about the hard work which is represented by another two Ps: Every successful human being has to lead by example.Discover The Diamond In You 1.

Arindam Ch dh i’ Ai d Chaudhuri’s “ Discover the Diamond in You“ Discover by R ki b Ramki 2. About the Author Arindam Chaudhuri is the Hony Dean at the Hony. Centre of Economic Research and Advanced Studies at IIPM. Oct 29,  · If you want to bring out the diamond within you, you must inculcate a super personality and have high quality people skills.

Discover the diamond within you

Successful people have great personalities; they nurture it, they groom it and they practice it! 'Discover The Diamond In You' is the name of Professor Arindam Chaudhuri's forthcoming book.

The above Author: Arindam Chaudhuri. Read "Discover The Diamond Within You" by Rittik Chandra with Rakuten Kobo. There is a diamond lying hidden in human, by the use of which he or she can rise to higher and better things.

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