Chad s creative concepts case

Over the long run? Chad Thomas needs to make sure daily manufacturing schedules are aligned with the current orders.

Chad s creative concepts case

Synopsis This case describes a small furniture manufacturing company that has gained a reputation for creative designs and quality by focusing on producing custom-designed furniture. As its reputation grew it began to sell some standard furniture pieces to retail outlets. The overall growth in sales volume and the diversification into the production of standard furniture pieces have caused a number of issues to arise concerning both the internal manufacturing operations and its relationship to the other functional areas of the company.

Major points to be brought out in the discussion include: The range of decisions that are made in designing and operating processes 2.

The impact that these operating decisions have on the organization as a whole, such as on marketing and finance 3. The impact that decisions made in other functional areas of the organization have on the operating function 4. Over the long run? The students should be able to discuss a number of short-term-oriented decisions that are facing Chad Thomas.

How to set priorities and schedule different orders.

Chad is receiving orders for both custom-made, low-volume furniture pieces and higher-volume, standard pieces. Sales have increased, but the amount of equipment and the production capacity of the company have not.

Different orders with different manufacturing requirements are now competing for the same productive capacity. What orders to accept and how long of a lead time to plan for in promising a delivery date.

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What type of work policies should be maintained for his employees? Decisions such as the number and type of employees to employ, the number of hours to work per day, and the amount of overtime to allow are all work policy decisions that impact the available capacity level.

Brooke Saladin, Wake Forest University, as a basis for classroom discussion. Publishing as Prentice Hall.

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The allocation of resources, equipment, labor, and money to each product line. The level of inventory to maintain at various stages of the production process for both the custom and standard furniture lines i.

These decisions are linked to the longer-term, total inventory-investment decision. Examples of longer-term decisions that face Chad Thomas include: Amount of money to tie up in the total inventory investment. The type of equipment to invest in to support efficient production.

At what point should more specialized equipment be purchased to manufacture high-volume, standard furniture pieces more efficiently?


What should be the overall workforce level to maintain, and what should be the proper mix of skills and capabilities? How should the facilities be laid out to accommodate the two different product lines?

Chad s creative concepts case

This gets the students into a whole range of capacity and equipment allocation decisions including size, type, and configuration. In these decisions it is important that the students see the significance of consistency of both strategic and operating decisions across functional areas.

How did sales and marketing affect operations when they began to sell standard pieces to retail outlets? Standard furniture pieces compete on a different set of competitive priorities than custom-designed pieces.

Timely delivery and low costs are much more important than product flexibility. Quality may also be defined differently. The existing facilities are set up to provide flexibility with its job-shop orientation and general-purpose equipment.

By introducing a standard line that should be manufactured on a flow line with some dedicated, more specialized equipment, a conflict has developed, and scheduling problems have resulted. How has the move to producing standard furniture pieces affected the financial structure of the company?

Inventory investment and operating costs are rising because of the frequent changeovers to accommodate the two different product lines and their scheduling conflicts. Profit margins for the standard line are smaller, which puts pressure on manufacturing to increase productivity and reduce costs.Chad's Creative Concepts developed a pased to note that the company has grown.

Sales of custom furniture solid reputation for creative designs and high-quality workmanship. Sales main strong, and sales of standard pieces are steadily increasing.

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It is a Chads Creative Concept . Case study in Production & Operarion Management CHAD’S CREATIVE CONCEPTS PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT CENTURION UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION • Chad’s Creative Concept is a manufacture company founded by Chad Thomas on the banks of Lake.

• The company is an. Chad's Creative Concept 1 Chad's Creative Concept Case Study Florida Institute of Technology Production and Operations Management Distance Learning BUS %(27).

An unpublished author's lawsuit against "The Art of Fielding" writer Chad Harbach has gone public, but his day in court is yet to come. Chad's Creative Concepts management, Scheduling, and finally Maintenance decision.

Based on Chad’s Creative Concepts case study, I can conclude that Chad Thomas is now need to make those decisions to make sure the operation of his company flows effectively without stopping at any stage up to the current situation.

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