Centrifugal rush i m anonymous

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Centrifugal rush i m anonymous

John Michael Greer Comments With this post we begin a monthly discussion of The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune, which I consider the most important work of 20th century occult philosophy. As noted in earlier posts here, there are two widely available editions of The Cosmic Doctrine, the revised edition first published in and the Millennium Edition first published inwhich reprints the original privately printed edition of You can use either one for the discussions that follow.

Before we launch into the text, a couple of notes may be helpful. That will emphatically Centrifugal rush i m anonymous cut it here. To grasp what a work of philosophy has to say, you need to go through it word by word, thought by thought, alert to the implications, watching for multiple meanings.

Second, this is a work of occult philosophy. The comparison with physical exercise is a useful one: These images are not descriptive but symbolic, and are designed to train the mind, not to inform it.

Being able to imagine things clearly is one of the basic skills of the operative mage. Whether or not you have that skill now is immaterial.

As with anything else, you get it by practicing, and The Cosmic Doctrine will give you plenty of that. Now follow the advice of the last sentence in the paragraph. Spend a while imagining interstellar space: Now go through a few sentences of the paragraph, keeping the image of interstellar space in mind.

Centrifugal rush i m anonymous

At every point, refer the thoughts back to the image. The same method applies at every point in The Cosmic Doctrine. The first concept presented is the Unmanifest.

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Usually the head count of realities comes to 0, 1, or 2. Philosophies that opt for 0, which we can call nihilist philosophies, see all apparent things as mere illusion and the sole reality as the void.

The Unmanifest is, but its mode of being is so unimaginable to us that we can best think of it as the closest thing to nonbeing any of us can imagine, the empty vastness of interstellar space. Is the Unmanifest actually the basis for everything that we experience?

This is why philosophy presents us, not with One True Answer, but with a variety of accounts of the world, some of which are more useful for certain purposes or more congenial to certain personalities than others. The Cosmic Doctrine is one account: What these purposes are will be discussed in in more detail as we go.

The short paragraphs that follow outline our first sketch of polarity, by way of the usual interplay of image and idea. Imagine interstellar space, and then imagine some of it beginning to flow, forming a current—a current of space, in space, moving through space from space to space.

Now imagine the two forces playing on the movement—the slightly stronger desire of space for momentum and the slightly weaker desire of space for inertia; imagine the second force pulling slightly on the first, making it curve; imagine the curve extended over immense distances until the current becomes a vast ring—the Ring-Cosmos.

The paragraphs that describe the formation of the Ring-Cosmos give you the ideas to think about under that image. Notice what it implies: This last point can be developed at very great length.

Look at the exquisite arc made by a blade of grass bending in the wind: Once the Ring-Cosmos is established, it begins to draw more empty space into its flow, and the Ring-Cosmos turns into a spinning disk. Think of it as the spinning wheel in a gyroscope, or an old-fashioned vinyl record spinning on a turntable.

As it spins, it sets up stresses in the empty space beyond its outer edge, and those stresses eventually set another current of space in motion at right angles to the original current. If you picture the Ring-Cosmos as spinning horizontally, like an LP on a turntable, imagine the second current starting out vertically from a space out beyond one edge of the Ring-Cosmos.

The same paired forces have the same effect on the second current as on the first, so it curves as it flows, arcing over the Ring-Cosmos, descending vertically past it off beyond its far side, and then circling back beneath the Ring-Cosmos to return to its starting point.

That gives you two rings: The Ring-Cosmos is a disk, the Ring-Chaos is a ring outside the disk at right angles to the plane in which the disk spins—all, as our text says, to the nearest approximate metaphor.

What happens, in the metaphor, is that the Ring-Cosmos begins to pivot.(Click here for bottom) I i I Roman numeral for one. This is the one roman numeral that seems very natural. For the claim that Roman numerals are efficient for . Centrifugal pump is a "pressure generator" / (2 x is called discharge head at the pump exit side.

(which somehow happens more often on the suction side). or. Knowing vapor temperature without relating it to a corresponding temperature is meaningless / .

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Centrifugal rush i m anonymous

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