An overview of the story of mary pipher in ophelia

Share Psychologist Mary Pipher, author of the bestselling book Reviving Ophelia, has written a candid and wide-ranging memoir that focuses on her spiritual renewal following a meltdown at the height of her success. Our review of her new book, Seeking Peace is here.

An overview of the story of mary pipher in ophelia

Introduction[ edit ] This section introduces Pipher's theory that a great, and often negative, change influences girls during adolescence.

The case study summarizes Cayenne's transition from an athletic, confident child into a self-conscious adolescent who, at fifteen years of age, contracted Herpes Charlotte The daughter of divorced parents, Charlotte is in a relationship with a twenty-two-year-old boyfriend and has participated in under-age drinking.

From a family considered stable, Lori is presented as a well-adjusted girl, in contrast to other case studies contained in the book. This section analyzes the role of families in the development of adolescent girls. A Lakota girl adopted by Caucasian parents and searching for a cultural identity.

Review of "Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls", Mary Pipher (Ph D)

In order to recover from LeukemiaLucy has deferred to her doctors' and parents' decisions. Following recovery, Lucy sought to rediscover her personal identity.

Leah 18 and Jody Two girls from a disciplinarian home, whom Pipher considers to be successful but lacking in individuality. Two sisters who have been raised in a more liberal household, but seem to struggle through adolescence. Abby graduated from high school with difficulty and Elizabeth was pregnant during her junior year of high school.

Raised in a liberal household that encouraged individuality, Rosemary became rebellious and self-conscious during adolescence.

An overview of the story of mary pipher in ophelia

Through it they could "develop their uniqueness" Mothers[ edit ] This section focuses specifically on mother-daughter relationships during adolescence.

Jessica 15 and her mother, Brenda: Jessica's mother has been worried about her daughter's truancy. Pipher encourages Jessica to form goals and individualize herself.

Sorrel 16 and her mother, Fay: When Sorrel " came out " to her mother as a lesbianFay organizes an appointment with both Pipher and her daughter to check that Sorrel has been adjusting appropriately. Whitney 16 and mother, Evelyn: Whitney initiated the request for therapy.

The relationship between mother and daughter was strained, as Evelyn disapproved of Whitney being sexually active with her boyfriend. Whitney also feels that Evelyn "resented" her relationship with her father. Katie 16 and her father, Pete: Kate was the main caretaker of her father, who was a single parent with muscular dystrophy.

The pair were close; however, Peter feared that Katie was losing her adolescence taking care of her sick father. Holly 14 and her father, Dale: Holly and Dale had a distant relationship. Dale was a single father and Holly was an adolescent obsessed with Prince. The two came to therapy after Holly had attempted suicide after her boyfriend, Lyle, broke up with her.

Pipher encouraged the two to develop their father-daughter relationship. Klara 15 and her father, Kurt: Kurt expected his daughter to conform to a feminine idealas did Klara's boyfriend, Phil.

An overview of the story of mary pipher in ophelia

Pipher encouraged Klara and Kurt to work through the emotions they shared regarding the loss of Klara's mother to cancer. Divorce[ edit ] The section of the book focuses on the effect that the parents' divorce can have on their adolescent daughters.Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls is a book written by Dr.

Mary Pipher. This book takes a look at the effects of societal pressures on American adolescent girls, and utilizes many case studies from the author's experience as a therapist.

Review of "Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls", Mary Pipher (Ph D) Akhila Seshadri It is rarely that one comes across a book about young girls that is not merely a saga of their times, of the pain and struggles in their lives, but also takes a proactive approach to actually doing what the title suggests – Reviving Ophelia.

Mary Pipher's best selling novel Reviving Ophelia is now a Lifetime movie. It tells the story of two teenage girls, one of whom is physically abused by her boyfriend. The reactions of the two. In this slim volume, best-selling author Mary Pipher (The Shelter of Each Other [], Another Country [], and Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls []) distills her.

Jan 01,  · In Reviving Ophelia, Dr. Mary Pipher (), clinical psychologist, presents problems faced by American adolescent females in the 's.

Rather than blaming the malfunctions of adolescents on the institution of the family, Pipher suggests that these problems are manifestations of growing up in a culture that sends mixed Pages: Mary Pipher, Ph.D., is a psychologist and the author of nine books, including the New York Times bestsellers Reviving Ophelia, The Shelter of Each Other, and Another Country, as well as Seeking Peace and Writing to Change the World.4/5(62).

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