Ambition to be a lawyer

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Ambition to be a lawyer

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What skills are required to become a lawyer? Increasingly, law firms and chambers recruit applicants who have a portfolio of specific skills to equip them to succeed in legal practice.

When talking to the graduate recruitment managers of leading law firms about what they look for in desirable candidates, there are qualities that come up time and time again.

Law firms spend a phenomenal amount of time and money in Ambition to be a lawyer for the most talented students; developing their trainees to become talented lawyers and future partners of the firm.

This is why they have spent a great deal of time considering what attributes make the "brightest talent", and invariably seek to recruit only the very best and most able people. Law firms seek to recruit students who have achieved excellent academic grades consistently throughout their education.

The work of a lawyer is intellectually rigorous, demanding and you must be able to show that you have the intelligence and ability to absorb, assimilate and analyse complex material very quickly.

What skills are required to become a lawyer?

Recruiters will base your ability to cope with such demands, on the marks you have achieved at school and university; as they view your academic grades as one of the key indicators of intellect and a benchmark of your capability, which is why the reputable commercial law firms request the very best qualifications.

The minimum entrance requirement for securing a training contract at the leading commercial firms are typically a 2: However, law firms have become aware that strong academics alone will not make a successful lawyer and thus look for other skills.

For example, achievement in sport, commercial experience, interesting hobbies, and language skills can provide you with a strong competitive edge in the legal recruitment market. Balance your academic studies with extra-curricular activities from other areas of your life, to illustrate you are a well-rounded person with lots to offer.

Ambition to be a lawyer

This will almost certainly impress recruiters. At law firms you will need to be a good team player because teamwork is a very important to get-on in your legal career.

Teamwork consists of working with others to form a consensus and reach the best possible outcome for all parties, whether in transactions, mediations or arbitrations. Negotiations are based around working with teams which often not only includes working with your colleagues in your department, but those from other groups to form multi-disciplinary teams, which also has input by the client and other professionals.

The ability to work collaboratively and effectively with others is of fundamental importance to working successfully at a law firm.

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Your ability to relate and interact with others in such a way as to engender confidence, form lasting relationships, and clearly explain complex situations in a clear manner is integral to the role of a solicitor.

In addition, having good "people skills" will help you to interact with a wide variety of characters at your firm and fit into the culture of the firm. At times, you will need to tap into the know-how of different people in order to get-on. For example, the librarians and secretaries play such a pivotal role in the daily function of a law firm.

If you build up a good rapport with your secretary, your work may be placed on the top of the pile and your work turnaround quickly, which will impress your supervisor. The most successful lawyers tend to be personable and able to work effectively with people by cultivating, building, developing and maintaining relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

As you progress through your career, your firm will expect you to build up a list of contacts and eventually win new business. Marketing opportunities are very important and you need to be able to show clients that as well as being a solid legal technician, you are also "good value" in a social context.

Ambition to be a lawyer

This is because the role of a solicitor largely involves being able to advise and negotiate effectively with their client and the other side to ensure a deal runs smoothly. The use of clear and succinct language will be valued by both your clients and colleagues.

Client care is fundamental and possessing excellent communication skills will help you to communicate ideas and advice to your clients. Trainee solicitors are expected to emerge not only as good lawyers, but as sound business advisors as well.

Commercial awareness, simply put, is developing an understanding of the business environment in which law firms and their clients operate. Aspiring lawyers must be able to appreciate the role of a commercial lawyer and the commercial context in which they provide the legal advice.

We cannot always plan for the future and sometimes, the unforeseen can occur.

Recruiters will look for candidates who have a keen understanding of the business world. A commercial client will not care about the technical meaning of legal terminology, but she will be deeply interested in the impact that it may have on the transaction at hand.

For City firms especially, legal advice always takes on a business element and every student needs to be commercially aware, so that you will be able to contextualise legal advice to the client. For more information - go to Demystifying commercial awareness.Spokesman for Tehran's nuclear agency says it is taking steps towards boosting centrifuge work should talks with Europe fall through.

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