A biography of james merrill a poet

His parents divorced inwhen he was thirteen. He attended Amherst College, where he studied under Reuben Brower, who would later, at Harvard, train many renowned critics and teachers of literature. It was also at Amherst that he first met Robert Frost. His studies were interrupted by service in the U.

A biography of james merrill a poet

The historian and the critic in him are in elegant synchronicity.

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Every cut is measured. The best and fattiest bits — the poetry, in this case — are reserved, like sashimi, for special use.

A biography of james merrill a poet

It is a magisterial achievement. Very few writers have been as intimately portrayed--or had their work as illuminatingly read--as James Merrill in Langdon Hammer's prodigious biography. His empathetic yet clear-eyed account shows how Merrill's exquisite "feeling for the word" merged with his lust for living in an idiosyncratic artistic heroism that produced some of the great lyric poetry of the late twentieth century.

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Merrill has found in Langdon Hammer a biographer of enormous discernment, grace and style: His portrait of gay domesticity that rarely noticed its own difference not only challenged the idea of "queerness" in literature, but in the world. Langdon Hammer's epic study of an epic mind is essential not only to our understanding of the prolific poet, but to the art of biography.

Beautifully written and reasoned, Hammer's book possesses all the qualities Merrill prized in his own work, and life: Most of all, it's a poetry, and a life, crafted from the sublime and the elemental, brilliantly mixed, which Hammer interprets with tender insight and wise sympathy.

His lectures on modern poetry are available free online at Yale Open Courses.The late James Merrill was recognized as one of the leading poets of his generation. Praised for his stylish elegance, moral sensibilities, and transformation of autobiographical moments into deep and complex meditations, Merrill’s work spans genres—including plays and prose—but the bulk of his artistic expression can be found in his poetry.

James Merrill - Poet - James Ingram Merrill was born in New York City on March 3, James Merrill Life and Art (Book): Hammer, Langdon, "A biography of the acclaimed poet James Merrill"-- Provided by publisher."The first biography of one of the most important poets in the second half of the twentieth century, whose life story is unparalleled in its narrative interest.

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This is a beautifully written long view of the lives of James Merrill, poet, and his lover and uncredited collaborator David Jackson. They dabbled through the ouija board in contact with unseen spirits that supposedly provided the material for Merrill's largest poetic works. James Merrill: James Merrill, American poet especially known for the fine craftsmanship and wit of his lyric and epic poems.

Merrill was the son of Charles E. Merrill, a .

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Buy, download and read James Merrill ebook online in EPUB format for iPhone, iPad, Android, Computer and Mobile readers. Author: Langdon Hammer. ISBN: Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group.

Langdon Hammer has given us the first biography of the poet James Merrill (–95), whose life is surely one of the most fascinating in American literature.

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